Got DPF/FAP Problems

Got DPF Filter Proublems

Having problems with your diesel particulate filter

  • In some cases we may be able to revive your DPF / FAP filter by performing a special cleaning process and after that performing a regeneration
  • And if the filter is gone beyond cleaning we now can supply and fit replacement DPF filters new and re manufactured for a huge range of makes and models with the highest quality at a reasonable price
  • Also when you replace the DPF the ECU needs to be reset and sometimes also needs a software update and as we have invested in OE software’s we can also provide this services
  • When doing work on a DPF system it is necessary to perform a complete diagnostics to check all related components eg temperature sensors, pressure sensors, EGR system and other engine management components, as if there is any faults in the engine management system the vehicle with not be able to perform its own automatic regeneration process and the DPF filter will block again

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