Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Servicing

Hybrid car servicing

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Servicing at Ryans Automotive.

We have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment /training and specialist tools to keep up with technology allowing us to capably and safely service and repair the new wave of Hybrid and Electric vehicles coming onto the market to dealer level specification maintaining your vehicles warranty 100%.

This week saw Solar Electric Irelands 2015 Opel Ampera in for servicing.

This model is a Plugin Hybrid vehicle using Opels Voltec Technology.

Unlike conventional hybrids, which can be best described as combustion-engined cars backed up by electric assistance, the Vauxhall Ampera is primarily powered by electric motors but has a four-cylinder combustion engine and generator to keep the car running when the batteries are exhausted.

For more information on Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Servicing and Repairs contact 051424799 or fill out our online appointment from here and we will get back to you.

Opel Ampera Servicing

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