New R1234YF Air Con Service Station


New R1234YF Air Con Service Station

Ryans Automotive have now invested in the latest Moatech R1234YF air con service station
So now along with our existing R134A machine we can service the AC systems in all vehicles

This air con service station is compulsory for any vehicles the have the new gas R1234YF, this gas is completely different than the R134A

The EU law states that all new models of cars and light commercials (or new type approvals from January 2011) must use this new gas, but then due to production delays of the new gas this was put on hold for 2 years
This new gas was brought out because of its lower global warming potential than R134A

Vehicles that will have the new gas

  • Some new models from January 2011 on wards
  • All new models from January 2013 on wards (except Mercedes who choose to continue to use R13A and pay the fine)
  • All new vehicles from January 2017 on wards (including Mercedes)

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