Shock Absorber Spring Locking Tool

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Shock absorber spring locking tool

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Product Description

Shock absorber spring locking tool

Supporting tool to be used with the spring strut compressor of GOVONI range: 321051000, 321055000, 321056000 and 321094000

  • This tool is necessary to fix the spring to the brackets during compression and release operations since modern helical compression springs have changed a lot over the years, increasing considerably the space within coils and consequently the inclination of the supporting point relative to the bracket
  • Specific plastic scratch proof coat to protect the spring surface.
  • It grants anchoring of the spring, avoiding accidents and injuries of the operator.
    Ideal for every model of coil spring compressor
  • Compact design : it can be used on springs of different dimensions.
  • No damage on the surface of the spring.
  • Max.spring width: 27 mm

See document for more information

Product Specifications

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 11 cm


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