GMTO Optional ATIS Pro Software

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GMTO optional ATIS Pro software with 1 years updates

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Product Description

GMTO optional ATIS Pro software with 1 years updates

Already included in the standard and advanced GMTO/Tiepie scope kits (not included in the basic kit, the basic kit has the ATIS lite included)

Use with GMTO/TiePie scope and can be used as a information system for other brands of scopes but cant be linked to direct measurements with other brands of scopes

Automotive car brand software with more than 4000 models with electric diagrams, system and component explanation, how to hook up test leads, pre scope adjustments and reference signals for engine management systems.

The ATIS-Pro Automotive Test and Information System is a large updatable knowledge base with information on a huge range of electrical and electronic components that are used in the motor management system and ABS system of a car. In an intuitive graphical environment background information on sensors and actuators can be found, as well as detailed schematics, diagnosis instructions, component locations with photographs of the most popular cars and example signals for proper functioning components. The unique point of ATIS is the direct coupling between the diagnosis instructions with the example signals to the measuring instrument. One click of the mouse in ATIS will launch the automotive measurement software and load the specific settings to measure on the particular component (Direct coupling between instructions and scope only works with GMTO/TiePie scope).
The mechanic can focus on finding the problem, he does not need to find out how to setup the instrument.

Atis pro software, detailed vehicle specific info, allowing you to search by specific vehicle giving you some or all of the below information on a huge range of vehicles for engine management systems and in some cases ABS

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Specific sensor and actuator tests
  • Procedures and sample wave forms
  • Live connection diagrams
  • Component location information with live pictures
  • Technical information about the specific item you are testing
  • This level of information on a scope has never been available before.
  • Note Atis pro also includes Atis lite generic information, Click here for more info on the ATIS lite software

Includes 1 years updates which does not time out or shut down if you do not renew your subscription

Important notes:

  • Is this system a replacement for my standard technical info system = This system is not a replacement for a technical information system like Auto data, Haynes Pro, Tis Web, Alldata etc, It has circuit diagrams and sometimes component locations for engine management and in some cases ABS and or CAN bus, but mainly just engine management (so wont have circuit diagrams or other information for other systems like Air bag, Body systems, Transmission systems, Chassis systems etc)
  • Does it have every make and model listed = NO, For the branded information that is on there like sample wave forms, circuit diagrams, component locations and hook up instructions for motor management systems there is a huge range of makes and models listed but not all just some of the most popular vehicles sold in the European market (but is been constantly updated with new makes and models)
  • Is it suitable for other markets other than Europe = The makes and models listed in the software are ones that are popular in European countries, So for other markets if they have similar models as the ones sold in Europe it will be suitable in many cases,
    For US brands Ford, GM and Chrylser it will only have information for theses brands models that are sold or are popular in Europe and wont have information for models in these brands that are not sold or are not popular in Europe,
  • What can i do if my make or model is not listed = You can use the excellent ATIS lite generic information which will give you generic information like how the component works, the inputs and outputs the component would have, general connection instructions and a generic sample wave forms
    And it also has hundreds of guided tests
  • What Languages is it available in = English or Dutch (The ATIS software is only available in English or Dutch but the Multi channel scope software can be run in many different languages)

Product Specifications

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm


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