TPMS Kit 2

TPMS kit 2

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TPMS Tool Kit

110.00 91.45 ex. VAT

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Online Training

18.30 16.47 ex. VAT

Huf IntelliSens Universal TPMS Sensor Metal Valve, UVS4040 × 10

49.96 33.22 ex. VAT each

164 in stock (can be backordered)

BHsens Ateq DT41 TPMS Tester

BHsens Ateq DT41 TPMS Tester, With 5 Years Free Updates

499.00 259.48 ex. VAT

9 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description

TPMS kit 2

(BHsens new name for HUF)

Special offer on this kit

Huge price reduction due to a bulk purchase from our supplier this kit is now available for only €571 + vat

This offer is valid while stocks at this price last

This kit has all the same items as TPMS starter kit 1 but also has the OBD module and functions necessary to learn new sensors to the car 

The TPMS Kit 2 includes:


  • 1 day training courses

Note for programming new universal sensors this tool will only clone/program BHsens Intellisens universal sensors but as BHsens have great vehicle coverage with there universal sensors you will have good market coverage,

Check out the range of Original and universal TPMS sensors we stock here Click here

Contact us for more information

Product Specifications

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm

TPMS Tool Kit

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 5 cm

Huf IntelliSens Universal TPMS Sensor Metal Valve, UVS4040

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 5 cm

BHsens Ateq DT41 TPMS Tester

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 10 cm


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    The below video shows the VT46 being used not the DT41, but the DT41 has the same features and functions

    We at Ryan’s automotive pride ourselves on the support we give with the products we sell,
    As we believe that selling the product to the customer is only the 1st step and that ongoing support is very important so the customer can get good value from his equipment,
    We are also in a great position to support these products as we use them every day in our own workshop,
    Support and after sales service can sometimes be a very loosely used terms and it is not always clear what the supplier is committing to, this is why we want to explain as clearly as possible what both parties are committing to.
    All of the below is based on units sold in Ireland (32 counties) and for outside Ireland it is not possible to provide all of the below support and after sales in the same forms, for example loaner units calling on site etc, so please enquire for more information if you are based outside of Ireland.

    The BHsens Ateq VT46 TPMS tester comes with 1 year warranty
    And all warranty repairs if required will be either carried out on site or the unit picked up and taken back to Ryan’s Automotive for repairs and a loaner unit will be left with the user until the unit is delivered back. In the cases where we would get a courier to pick up the unit we would ask the workshop to pack up the unit carefully to avoid damage in transport,
    We aim to keep the customer up and running and will either have the issue fixed or a loaner unit delivered to the customer within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

    Items excluded from the 1 year warranty are
    Problems caused by the users own laptop/PC
    Damage to the machine caused by incorrect power supply, Excessive dampness, or any other damage caused by fluid ingress, accidental damages, incorrect use damages or unauthorised modifications.

    Delivery and Training
    Ryan’s Automotive or a courier will deliver the unit to your workshop registered and updated and we will install and set up the TPMS PC software on your laptop/PC in person or via Team viewer and test it on a vehicle and ensure it is ready to work, (the laptop or PC the customer wants to use must have the required specs and space and be in good working order)
    And spend 1 hours onsite (or if not possible to call onsite can provide training over team viewer, WhatsApp and phone) providing training on use of the machine.
    We also can provide extra chargeable training if required.

    Ryan’s Automotive can provide tool and software technical support by phone, WhatsApp, our customer support portal, email or by logging into your unit via team viewer when needed (subject to fair use and subject to having the software on the latest version).
    We also have a support section on our website which has videos and information on how to use and update the unit, users can also send us tickets via this support area.
    Additional support packages are required for vehicle technical support.

    Not included in the support
    Technical information that is found on systems like Tecnomotor TIS web, Autodata, Alldata etc,
    The above support does not include vehicle technical support but we are always willing to help customers were we can.
    Problems with the users own lap top or PC which affects how the Huf Ateq VT46 TPMS tester PC software works examples virus, lap top gone very slow or crashing etc, lap top software issues,

    Repairs not covered by the warranty and after the warranty period
    For repairs not covered by warranty or after the warranty we can assist in few different ways all at very reasonable rates,
    1 Log into the unit via team viewer
    2 Call on site and perform the necessary work and if needed take the unit back to Ryan’s Automotive for completion
    3 Owner can deliverer the machine to Ryan’s Automotive to be repaired (this will save on call out or transportation fees)
    4 Arrange to get the unit picked up and taken back to Ryan’s Automotive
    5 Send out the necessary parts to the owner and advise over the phone how to perform the necessary operation
    6 Provide a hire unit for the period that the unit is out of action (note this is chargeable for non warranty repairs and subject to availability)

    Free Delivery In Ireland

    If you are a customer located in Ireland, spend €150 ex.VAT or more and get free delivery, or for orders under €150 ex.VAT delivery costs €8.10 ex.VAT Read Our Delivery Information

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